Habitat V (ar. T. Serck)

“You all have powers you never dreamed of.  You can do things you never thought you could do.  There are no limitations in what you can do except the limitations of your own mind”   Alan Watts

Architects and college friends (HAISG-1987) Pascal Bilquin and Thomas Serck decided after more than 10 years of an own practice, in separate fields, to join their forces into a new platform for urban planning, architecture and design.  Their own architecture practices still support the alliance without being caught up in the larger picture.

Insights are gathered into a synthesis; a homogenous project develops from multidisciplinary angles of both offices. A broader field of experiences.

We work towards on a poetic no-nonsense architecture which sets a ‘luminosity’ in our designs and strives to social relevance. This luminosity is based on five important aspects which make up the starting points of the design. Each project is unique considering its cultural context, time and space, sobriety and honesty, sustainability and last but not least– a vivid dialogue with clients and users.  They will finally make the project come to life.


“Spaces draw strength from their legibility, natural daylight, materials and simple detailing.”

“A modest appearance - without compromising the professionalism - the atmosphere and the quality are the principles which shape our study.”

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