Bomel Slaughterhouse

Namur, 2014

The former Bomel slaughterhouse is now part of a cultural area with an extensive history and an exceptional character in a comic strip mu...

Newton Park

Brussels, 2014

The project proposes the construction of a complex for small and medium enterprise (PME Park) with an expressive architecture taking maxi...

Housing Molenbeek (MK)

Brussels, 2013

The project is located on the corner of the rue d’Ostende and rue Vanderdussen. The building was built on five levels with partial ...

Housing Bomel


This housing project has for ambition to revitalise this unwealthy part of the Namur district. Just like the project “De Citadel&rd...

Etterbeek City Hall


ENVIRONMENT AND PROJECT INTENTIONS The project resides on one of most important road of the city, Avenue des Casernes, near at Eur...

Housing Rixensart