Visualisierung © Wim Goes Architectuur
Foto © Wim Goes Architectuur
Visualisierung © Wim Goes Architectuur
Visualisierung © Wim Goes Architectuur

Jan Hoet Square

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Can one design a Museum square in a park? Isn’t a square an urban matter? Will a square in this setting become a park anyway? Designing a Museum Square in a park seems to be an impossible question. This apparent contradiction however becomes very important in our project. Can one design a square that is both park and square? A landscape that is a forum For people to meet and discuss? A space that clarifies the position of two museums, linking past and future? An environment for both nature and culture? Maybe there is no answer. Maybe the answer is there yet. Maybe we just show the site!   

By displacing a virtual square and projecting it over the existing site we create both square and park. A carpet of cobble stone is unrolled over the hills, into the lake, coming out of the lake, trees sticking through the carpet. Every angle of the site is generating its own character, its own nature, its own perspective, its own design, its exception… Maybe it is about borders. By crossing it, a straight line appears and disappears again. Maybe it is about movement. Maybe the virtual square with its complex forms becomes tactility and pattern, with its low-tech existence. Maybe it is about matter. Maybe it is about giving the possibility to everybody to formulate a personal view. Maybe it is about giving meaning… and the freedom to do so.

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