Visualization © Philippe Steels
Visualization © Philippe Steels

Frere Orban - Mixed development; offices & commercial spaces

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5-20 Stories

Throughout the history of Brussels, the ‘Quartier Léopold’ has always been an ambitious and atmospheric quarter where urban, economic and political activities come together. Nowadays it is the heart of European Union institutions.  

The concept is based on some basic principles. Firstly, an entire group of buildings

has been demolished, which has enabled Conix Architects to choose the height of

the office floors. In addition, they have re-engineered the relationship between

private and public spaces at street level. The boundary between the street and the interior is blurred. By using free forms on the street level, a transition is created,

which is dominated by the continuous flow of people.

These design elements throw a new light on both sides of the transition zone, like an intelligent organism reacting to its surroundings. With this in mind, Conix Architects looked for ways to create a pleasant interior climate; they applied a double-glazed curtain wall system and a concrete mass to generate heat, to satisfy this requirement.

The final product looks to the future but takes the context and the historical aspects into account. The building anticipates future needs and finds its inspiration in a society marked by variety, communication and a longing for balance.

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