Photo © Serge Brison
Photo © Serge Brison

Residence of an ambassador - Private residence

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1-5 Stories

The design of this residence originated from a very thorough examination of the demands of the client. Besides a number of specific demands, we had to take the very steep plot into account when implanting the building.

The design is characterized by its rational composition. The starting point is a compact volume based on a grid of 16 cubes per level. If necessary, cubes where taken out to create open spaces and terraces. Due to the variations in cut outs and cantilevers, the structural elements are obviously present.

The excisions out of the main volume create an interesting dialogue between the interior and exterior spaces. In this way, the residence has a clear relation with the surrounding garden and the interior is enriched with light and multiple views. This is intensified by the choice of building materials: the main volume is covered with a dark rough stone, while the excisions are covered with a light smooth natural stone.

The house was designed taking into account the demands of the future habitants. The ground floor accommodates the entrance hall, the central area from which all spaces are accessible. The hall is conceived as a separate identity, offering visual relations between the various spaces. The living room, dining room and office are the most important areas. On the fist floor, the private living room, the bed rooms, bath rooms and a guest room are located.

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