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In 2015, when the book 'POLO Architects' was launched, the architectural firm Poponcini & Lootens ir. architecten decided to change its name to POLO Architects.

Today, the duo Mauro Poponcini & Patrick Lootens has evolved into an architectural firm with more than 100 employees working on assignments all over Belgium and abroad: a solid practice with plenty of knowledge, architectural expertise and experience. But also, and more importantly, a beautiful and divers group of colleagues of all ages with 29 years of experience and boldness, an incubator for emerging talent, where everyone can develop their potential and continue to grow. The offices in Antwerp and Brussels are proper workshops, stimulating sanctuaries of skillful play.

In terms of assignments, POLO Architects likes to explore its boundaries and spread its wings: the architects are increasingly and consciously focusing on urban development challenges, master planning and strategic reflection on spatial planning. Furthermore, the firm has made a conscious choice to take on more and more smaller assignments in the cultural and social fields. These designs demonstrate how smaller but carefully designed buildings can be an intellectual stimulus for the firm and a growth opportunity for the designers. The development of an interior design department illustrates this interdisciplinary approach.

POLO Architects is an amalgam: a creative bundle of contradictions with room for large projects (commercial, private, public) as well as (smaller) exceptions and a work ethic driven by powerful designs, creativity and reflection. This urban planning, architecture and interior design firm is familiar with a wide range of scales and programmes - location development, master planning, schools, university buildings, hospitals, cultural centres, industrial buildings, (head) office buildings, commercial properties, housing of all types and sizes, interior design projects and scenography, both new constructions and renovation projects: from cities to chairs, and everything in between. It explicitly demonstrates the ambition to commit and to fully embrace the experiment.

POLO Architects considers the diversity of assignments as something both familiar and challenging, a call for designers to push their boundaries time and again, to give it their best and to rise to the challenge using skill and experience.

POLO Architects is ready to prove itself: always, together, different. A stimulating perspective.

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