Barn D-M

Photo © Kristien Daem
Photo © Kristien Daem
Photo © Kristien Daem
Photo © Kristien Daem
Photo © Kristien Daem
Photo © Wim Goes Architectuur
Wim Goes Architectuur

In the Flemish Ardennes, on a parcel fringed with pollard willows and surrounded by swamps, marches and shrubbery, a typical farmstead is situated. Its character is strikingly honest and straightforward. The farm and its surroundings evoke tranquillity, simplicity and memory. The inhabitants requested a master plan for the site with in a first stage a design for the two side wings: the barn and the stable. A fir-wooden construction intertwines with the barn. The playfulness of the triangular rafters unfolds the structural power lines. The whole carpentry is self-supporting (and smells delicious).

The only articulation of a symbiosis between old and new is seen in the piercing through of the original oaken cross-beams in timber. The original function of the barn –namely shelter- is made clear. Purified details, leaning on a “countryman’s logic” lead to a self-evident purity and readability. As well the shifting to a new meaning s the re-accommodation of the occupants in an actualised context, form the topic of this project. A program has been suggested without determining space. The dwellers experience a tangible sense of freedom in the barn and a-typical architecture of possibilities for a family with children.

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