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Urban Platform has the ambition to combine a very strong architectural vision and
innovative urban analysis with a competence in project management and organization above the standards, sharing its experience between public and private sectors.

UP is CREATIVE while being curious and finding innovative ideas for both projects and organization. At the same time it performs its duties at the highest professional level, with great rigor and a high sense of RESPONSIBILITY.
UP demonstrates positive & communicative enthusiasm and motivation to keep the PLEASURE at highest level while it remains focus on effectiveness and RENTABILITY to keep timelines and budgets in project objectives.
UP demonstrates respect, honesty and goodwill towards people and projects through its INTEGRITY, with a strong capacity to listen, to help and to ensure SOLIDARITY driven by team spirit.

We focus more specifically on the DESIGN EXPERTISE insuring the physical qualities of the delivered project, convinced of the utmost importance of design in the valorisation of these strategic projects. That is why we constantly challenge the current ‘technical only’ approach and we strive to transcend the functional aspect and sustainability of our projects in different types of skills, depending on the nature of the project and on our client’s needs, resumed in our 3 platforms:
 Platform [1]: Concept & Architectural Design
 Platform [2]: Territorial & Urban planning
 Platform [3]: Real estate Audit & Project management
They operate on a standalone basis or one with another in a fully complementary
The mastering of these platforms by our partners and our teams, through transversal projects and links between our 3 platforms, can help to challenge professional reflexes and emulate new ideas or cross-concepts.

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