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All ALT architecture productions are explicitly contextualised and ultimately aim for essential ineluctability. This elementary approach is revealed in the studio’s unabating efforts to keep coming up with different choices of plans, materialities, volumes and spatial layeredness.

ALT likes to work at various scales – ranging from small details in an interior to decisive interventions in an urban environment that affect a whole city - and often collaborates with engineers or with other architects (BAT architectuur, among others), in varying constellations.

ALT was founded by Thierry Lagrange.  Lagrange is a graduate from the faculty of engineering and architecture of Ghent University and now teaches at the Faculty of Architecture of KU Leuven. In 2013, he obtained a PhD in architecture with his dissertation about looking (Look Here Now, Mapping Design Trajectories), that resulted in both artistic production and a methodology, the Matrix Method, which is now being used by practitioners in various fields as a technique to help generate solutions to a range of challenges and problems, by means of so-called analogous spaces. Today, the principal focus of Lagrange’s research is on further explicitation of the method and its analogous spaces.


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