Our take on architecture: various disciplines concerned with the conceptual structure, design or organization of complex systems.

 We are a research-oriented design practice strategically based in Brussels, actively involved in society and in the public debate and ecologically inclined towards urban renewal and densification. With our multicultural and multidisciplinary team, we aspire to create a meaningful added value for society. Consequently, we frame our profession in the perspective of the increasing fragility of the world’s ecosystem and see the reduction of land-use as the main approach to sustainably improving environmental conditions.

 In this context, architecture – with the various disciplines it gathers to improve structures and systems, and with the design-based approach it supports – allows us to tackle the complexity of many man-made settlements, from the village core to the brownfield and the entire city.

 Our methodology is based on the critical iteration over different scale levels, zooming in and out between the level of the circulation core, the neighborhood and the planet. Ultimately we design spaces which influence people’s behavior, experience, emotions and well-being in a positive way.


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