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An ambitious and experienced team – Since 2006, DDS & Partners Architects proposes an innovative architectural approach, with new urban forms in prospect. The office focuses on projects that highlight its creative assets and have an indisputable architectural value. DDS & Partners is composed of a dynamic and motivated team of 70 architects with extensive expertise in residential, office, retail and hotel projects. The projects' realisation stretches from architecture and urbanism to landscape architecture and to interior design. Professional experience and continuous training guarantee the development of sustainable and ambitious projects in Belgium and abroad. The team members focus their efforts on projects on a human scale and are resolutely attentive to the needs and issues of their customers.

Advice and creativity – DDS & Partners offers a professional service combined with personalized support, taking into account financial issues and environmental challenges. DDS & Partners plays the role of 'advisor' for its clients and its market knowledge remains an important asset. The dynamism and openness of all its professionals also allow an original and an innovative architectural image to be proposed to each of its clients.

A commitment for the future – The conception of projects takes place according to three lines of thought: improving the energy performance, assessing the environmental performance and making en ever-sharper assessment of the overall cost.

Expanding the horizons – DDS & Partners aims to provide an undeniable added value and to ensure its activities in a wide range of very different sectors, such as the reconversion or renovation of buildings, the design of public spaces or the development of mixed use projects of collective housing complexes, office buildings, commercial centres, hotels, schools and even prisons. DDS & Partners' realisations are located throughout Belgium, but also in Luxembourg and Egypt. The opening of an office in Antwerp contributes to a broadening of the market. Today DDS & Partners seeks to strengthen this diversified geographic distribution and to expand even more worldwide.


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