Between 2 Squares

Photo © André Nullens
Photo © André Nullens
Photo © André Nullens
Photo © André Nullens
Photo © André Nullens
BOB361 architects

Construction of a building with 40 apartments and commercial spaces.

The design finishes the Smets-square and the residual spaces, creating new passages, integrating the existing Fabiola building and enclosing a new informal semi-public/semi-private courtyard. The apartment building acts as an intermediate zone between 2 different scale levels and each building block is finalized by taking its own logic into account. The commercial space is implanted on the ground level around the Smets-square, the residential space is concentrated and orientated towards the courtyard. On the side of the Hogeschool-square the project foresees townhouses and a “corner-building” with apartments and a com¬mercial space. Lofts are used to make the transition from the Pauscollege-building to the new apartment building.

Implant nv, Extensa nv
Goedele Desmet, Ivo Vanhamme, Celine Van Lamsweerde, Annelies Augustyns, Jan Opdekamp, Nathan Ooms, Jean-Michel Culas
Acoustical Engineering
Daidalos Peutz
Structural Engineering
Eddy Henskens
Technical Engineering
Studiebureau Van Reeth bvba

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