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Photo © André Nullens
© André Nullens
© André Nullens
© André Nullens
© André Nullens
BOB361 architects

Open Oproep 1209: A suspension bridge between two quays.

The proposed addition is in the first place a link between two buildings, a (suspension) bridge between two quays. This intervention introduces a new circulation pattern: an L-formed corridor with possible resting places on three locations (the rotunda, the bridge and the patio) links the two buildings. Secondly the bridge can be inhabited. The meeting-room, a representative function, is housed in the hanging volume.

Goedele Desmet, Ivo Vanhamme, Jean-Michel Culas
Technical Engineering
Bureau Bouwtechniek
Structural Engineering
BAS bvba
Acoustical Engineering
Daidalos Peutz