URBAN PLATFORM, which was created in 2000, is an OPERATIONAL PLATFORM that brings together a wide range of skills and creative or technological European resources, thus creating the capability to carry out INNOVATIVE & SUSTAINABLE PROJECTS for urban planning and architecture on any scale.

We focus on the services that is necessary their successful implementation, and on the DESIGN EXPERTISE insuring the physical qualities of the delivered project. We are convinced of the utmost importance of design in the valorisation of these strategic projects. That is why, we constantly challenge the current ‘technical only’ approach and we strive to transcend the functional aspect and sustainability of our projects with a CUTTING EDGE NETWORK OF EXPERTS in the fields of architectural design, urban planning and urban sustainability (infrastructure, mobility, energy, skyline, landscape)

URBAN PLATFORM brings together four main types of skills, depending on the nature of the project and the needs of our clients:

• Concept & Architectural Design,

• Territorial & Urban Planning,

• Real Estate Audit & Project Management

• Urban Consulting & Research.

They operate independently or one with another in a fully complementary relationship.

For each discipline, we offer AN EXPERT & A SPECIALIZED TOOLBOX. The mastering of these tools by our partners and our teams, through transversal projects and the links between our 4 units, can help to challenge professional reflexes and emulate new ideas or cross-concepts.

The studio based in a 600sqm office along the canal in BRUSSELS, counts with a dozen architects, engineers or urban planners and the technical means enabling it to cope with a steady growth in project portfolio and in its client’s portfolio both public and private.

This platform, based in the capital of Europe with many international links, is about ideas and experiences, shared through a series of common projects.

For us, it is about finding a way to enhance our collective creative capacity to produce MORE BEAUTIFUL, GREENER and SMARTER CITIES.

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