Photo © Lydie Nesvadba
Photo © Lydie Nesvadba
Photo © Lydie Nesvadba
Photo © Lydie Nesvadba
Photo © Lydie Nesvadba
Photo © Lydie Nesvadba

Garden Store Louise

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Saint-Gilles (Brussels)
1-5 Stories
Garden Store Louise (The House of Development)

‘Garden Store Louise’ is situated on the Avenue Louise, one of Brussels most monumental and prestigious streets, within a zone of recognized cultural, historic and aesthetic interest and at the edge of an important commercial core. The project envisages the creation of a commercial pole that consolidates and even strengthens this position. It foresees the introduction of a for the Louise quarter new commercial concept – the ‘concept store’, a top-of-the-line store offering a large variety of brands – as well as a new architectural image. A new commercial trajectory is moreover created, running from the avenue Louise to the other side of the site, where two new duplex stores will replace an existing parking and contribute to the redevelopment of the parallel street Dejoncker. The particularity of the project bears on its architectural quality resulting from the material selection and the created spaces.

The vast specialized commerce will be realized with a suspended three storey-high showroom bordered by screen-printed surfaces. While the maximal transparency at the ground level invites the public to visit the two internal courtyards, the crowning in metal meshed incites to discover the building’s upper storeys. The existing built volume furthermore will be strongly reduced, creating space for an aerated and luminous courtyard at the inside of the building block, which will be accessible from both streets. The supply of natural light to the commercial spaces will be increased and the building block’s interior will be ‘opened’ offering a qualitative exterior space. The Art Nouveau Pavilion that was situated at the inside of the building block will as such not only be conserved, but also respectfully integrated and given extra value in the new project.

The existing gallery roof was conserved, but insulation and tightness will be revised in order to be equipped with a green roof of more than 660 square meters. This roof, on top of its aesthetic qualities, will be a buffer basin for rainwater.

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