Youth Village Farm Lab

Milan, Itália
Visualization © DDS+, MOA
Visualization © DDS+, MOA
Drawing © DDS+, MOA
Visualization © DDS+, MOA
Drawing © DDS+, MOA
Visualization © DDS+, MOA
Milan, Itália

The architectural concept is based on the reinterpretation of the traditional Italian farm, the «cascina», which is anchored in the urban context of the 2015 Universal Exposition held in Milan, as did the former farms in the economic activity of the city.

While reminding the iconic symbol of these farms within collective memory, this innovative project is based on an approach of sustainable agriculture, economic efficiency, local social vitality, all with respect for the environment. It’s an outstanding positive-energy-building whose design is based on the principles of circular economy.

The Village + Farm Lab answers to this question: how to live, produce, store, and sell in one and the same place, assuring the vital needs of the functions it accommodates, while harmoniously interacting with its urban context? Village + Farm Lab offers an unseen integration of functions and spatial experiences.

The efficient spatial organisation, integrating a play of transparency between the functions, creates pleasant living spaces extremely appropriate as social places of production, exhibition and teaching. The project offers a new urban combination where innovative ideas and a concept of healthy living are established between farmers and students, with respect for the environment. The Village is an open-air space where interacting functions take place. This concept allows elements such as sun, wind, cold and rain to naturally contribute to the urban farming purposes.

Village + Farm Lab takes the traditional village structure’s best elements as an outset to create a modern campus that improves knowledge sharing, production and creativity.

The Village + Lab aims to reach an autonomous model, which does not take anything but gives to its environment, in a sustainable way, and endures over time through future generations.

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