I am Steven Massart, an architectural photographer. Making projects visually stand out is my speciality. To me, a building is more than a collection of bricks. Each construction is made for living or working, and I enjoy capturing that potential in my photos.

Twenty years of experience has given me a sixth sense for architectural photography that goes beyond lighting and shutter speed. I have developed an understanding of the special relationship that architects have with their art by joining them on field trips. While they look at buildings, I observe them. I look at the materials they run their fingertips over and the details that catch their eye. This technique has helped me to see projects through their eyes, and has proven to be very effective.

Over the years, I have developed my own style. My work is characterized by a feeling and representation of spaciousness. I try to look beyond the mere visual details and capture the true story of a building and its surrounding space. That is how I distinguish myself from other photographers.

I have a Master Qualified certificate from the European Federation of Professional Photographers, and have made a name for myself within the building industry. If you are eager to see what my style is all about, feel free to check out my previous work. My portfolio includes a wide array of projects, from Barco's headquarters to the restored Predikheren monastery in Mechelen. But I take just as much pleasure in photographing large or small private real estate projects.

If you are an architect, a contractor or a project developer, then you probably have a hectic schedule, with deadlines that change all the time. I get that. That is why I do my utmost to work as independently as possible. Most of the time, I make the appointments with the venues myself and take pictures when the conditions are ideal. You can count on receiving the material on time, according to your schedule. All you have to do is select your favourite images before I start postproduction. This ensures that you do not pay unnecessary editing fees for photos that you are not going to use.

To sum up: I pride myself on being a transparent, reliable and straightforward partner. Are you looking for a professional photographer to bring your project to life?

Then please get in touch with me by email today.

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