Less and nothing more
The work of the Russian artist Malevich transcends the figurative, the narrative, the identifiable… to attain an abstract dimension of both mathematical and artistic concepts like proportion, dimension, modulation, composition, balance ... With suprematism he meant the domination of the pure emotional experience in art. We also aim to attain this abstraction, this transcendence … in our schemes, ever starting from a functional analysis of the programme and the surroundings, along with artistic vision, resulting in an authentic concept that remains linked to its content and location.
Benny Govaert
Damiaan Vanhoutte
Damiaan Vanhoutte
Benny Govaert,
Martine Neirynck
Birger Willaert
Joost Vanhove
Michael Lammens
Valerie Vansteenkiste
Joke de la Maza van Damme
Diederick Verhaeghe
Simon Berten
Dorien Stoffels
Marieke Benoit
Tommy Van den Brandt
Kris De Winter
Steven Verbrugghe
Interior Design
Corporate Architecture