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Located in the smart Observatory district in Uccle centre, the plans consist of demolishing an old house attached to an existing building and erecting two three-storey blocks of apartments and offices.
The buildings are on a plot of 2,635 m² in Avenue des Statuaires and will blend in harmoniously with the surroundings because of the style of architecture resembling two detached houses. An underground floor will create foundations for the two blocks. It will also provide 18 car-parking spaces and a service area (a bike park, cellars and technical area etc.). No. 45 will be attached to No. 43 on the ground floor. This connection will consist of an extension to the office activity. The overall dimensions of each block will aim to take advantage of the orientation of the plot. Balconies and living rooms will face South or South-West while most bedrooms will face East. As the plans are for a plot in a green environment of exceptional quality, the views are open to make the most of this.The plans meet a need for quality housing and offices. Two sets of offices are accessible from Avenue des Statuaires via two entries separate from the apartments and via stairs and a lift from the underground floor. The two entry halls to the apartments are accessible via stairs or a ramp. The first and second floors of each block will consist of, respectively, two apartments of 130 m² (two bedrooms) and a penthouse of 260 m² (four bedrooms). The first floor apartments will have three façades while the penthouses will have four.
The façade cladding, an innovation in Belgium, is made up of large scale ceramic modular panels in a pale shade. This is combined with external joinery in dark shades comprising elements in sheet metal and vents.The aim of maintaining a monolithic style of architecture is assured by continuing the façade cladding through to the roofing. The latter will also be made up of photovoltaic panels.
From an energy point of view, the building will meet EPB (Energy Performance of Buildings) 2015 standards. (Brussels Capital Region)

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