OYO Architects

Assistentiewoningen Hoppehof

Ertvelde, 2021

In the centre of Ertvelde, a neglected piece of land is being given a new purpose with a new residential project. This project includes 3...

OYO Architects

Hof van Saeys

Dendermonde, 2023

OYO were approached to collaborate on a PPS development in Dendermonde’s city centre. The project would provide residential, commercial a...

Urban Platform


Brussels, 2018

The project proposes a subtle urban articulation between the sizes existing on the street side and makes use of the site’s morphological ...

Urban Platform



This feasibility study sought to establish a plot in the centre of the village and to convert a listed farm with due respect for the heri...

Urban Platform


Tienen, 2018

The College project is a feasibility study in the heart of Tienen and consists in the conversion of a former school site and the adjoinin...

Urban Platform


Brussels, 2017

The project provides for the construction of 18 social dwellings and affordable dwellings, of communal facilities for the green spaces an...

Urban Platform

4 Fonteinen

Vilvoorde, 2016

This master plan is part of a large urban redevelopment project along the canal in Vilvoorde. The canal in fact becomes the landscaped el...

Urban Platform


Brussels, 2014

The size of this project follows the logic of the existing neighbouring volumes in order to ensure the fluid visual continuity of the str...

Urban Platform


Tienen, 2016

The initial creation of a master plan led to an architecture mission that provides for the construction of different types of dwellings a...

Urban Platform

Bon Pasteur

Brussels, 2014

The project as a whole currently presents itself as a discontinued construction that breaks with the morphological structure of the tradi...

Urban Platform


Brussels, 2012

This sustainable neighbourhood project emphasizes the creation of 2 large-scale collective spaces, lined with shared functions and animat...



Brussels, 2017-2019

The 'Compas' residential project, which won the competition organised by Citydev.Brussels, is part of the urban renewal of the Canal Zone...

atelier tom vanhee

Social housing Eeklo

Eeklo, 2016

The project is part of the social neighbourhood Boelare - Blommekens. The extension consists of a three storey building with multi-family...

OYO Architects

Assistance Housing

Sint-Amandsberg, 2019

Outdoor living in an indoor environment; where social interaction is central.

OYO Architects

Housing Sleepstraat

Ghent, 2018

Located on the corner of a merely residential and bustling commercial area in Ghent, OYO designed a mixed use residential building with 2...

Wielfaert Architecten


Izegem, 2016

In het project staat de intense wisselwerking tussen de bebouwde architectuur en de groene architectuur centraal. Met een uitgeki...


Site Van Oost

Schaerbeek (Brussels), 2016-2018

The ‘Site Van Oost’ project takes part of a larger sustainable development plan for the commune of Schaerbeek (Brussels), aiming to reval...


Îlot Sacré

Brussels, 2017

Just steps from the Grand Place in Brussels, “Îlot Sacré” has breathed new purpose into one of the rare remaining fallow pieces of land w...


Oude Dokken

Ghent, 2014

The City of Ghent considers the reconversion of its three oldest docks into a whole new quarter along the waterfront, where the accent wi...




Studio Farris Architects

Park Tower

Antwerp, 2014

The Park Tower was finished in November 2014 and is situated in a unique location within walking distance from the new MAS museum, the ha...

Enplus Architecten

Collective Housing Vesalius

Gent, 2013


Depots Pyrex

Brussels, 2009

Renovation – Restoration – Interior – Design

Volt Architecten


Nederbrakel, 2005

Verbouwen van een bestaand rusthuis tot 11 woningen en bouwen van 5 nieuwbouwwoningen korte beschrijving: Na overle...

Volt Architecten


Zingem, 2007

Bouwen van 16 eengezinswoningen en 4 woningen voor levenslang wonen korte beschrijving : Het project is gelegen in ...

Volt Architecten


Brakel, 2008

Bouwen van 12 eengezinswoningen iov SHM Vlaamse Ardennen korte beschrijving: Gelegen in een oude verkaveling, waar ...

Volt Architecten


Evergem, 2007

Omvormen en uitbreiden van een voormalig schoolgebouw tot woonunits voor gedecentraliseerd wonen iov vzw Den Dries korte b...

STAR strategies + architecture

The Room that was Always There


Overall concept: As architects, we see how often Sustainability is reduced to a green dressing on top of the fina...

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