Fotografia © MIRAN KAMBIC
Fotografia © MIRAN KAMBIC
Fotografia © MIRAN KAMBIC
Fotografia © David Lotric
Fotografia © MIRAN KAMBIC
Fotografia © David Lotric
Fotografia © MIRAN KAMBIC
Fotografia © David Lotric
Fotografia © MIRAN KAMBIC
Fotografia © David Lotric

Vander Urbani Resort

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Ljubljana, Slovenia

leisure and sport

project commission

private client

Two existing building in historical centre of Ljubljana on Krojaša Street

Site area
232 m2

Building area
232 m2

Total floor area
1.080 m2

basement + ground floor + 3 storeys + rooftop terrace

restaurant, bar, 17 rooms, conference room, rooftop terrace

reinforced concrete, steel roof structure

existing facade, glass

Vander Urbani Resort is a new design hotel in the old part of Ljubljana city. It is developed in the interior space of four historic adjoining buildings.

The program is distributed vertically with ground floor as the most open/public part with reception, restaurant and bar/lounge areas. Next three floors are organised round vertical atrium with stairs and are occupied with 16 rooms. On the top floor there is a glasshouse with big open terrace and a pool.

The exterior with historically preserved facade stays intact but immediately you enter the hotel you actually enter a specific space that is the space of hotel Vander. The design is based on kaleidoscopic play of 3d patterns in different materials and reflections that extend the borders of the actual space. Because of the reflections the visitor becomes part of the interior.

The rooms are designed in light colours with textile floors and glass partition walls to the bathroom. Rooms appear more like a homely living rooms also due to custom designed furniture pieces like the black table or mirrored wish box with mini bar.

Special feature is the long terrace with wooden decking and a swimming pool. All the floors are connected with the vertical hall that serves also as a light shaft. The northern wall of the atrium is cladded with hanging metal curtain that brings diffuse light into the core of the building.

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