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Compagnie O is an open, multi disciplined design studio, O stands for “Ontwerp”, which is Dutch for design. In our office this term is interpreted in the broadest sense of the word; architecture, landscape, interiors and graphics; from the wider concept to the acute detail. This broad thinking is continued in our processes, strategies and visions on any given subject.

Compagnie O is the result of the initial collaboration between Joke Vermeulen and Francis Catteeuw. They are supported by a team whom all hold specific skills, with different perspectives, backgrounds, educations and previous work experience.

Unrestrained Versatility is our Modus Operandi; we strive to be agile throughout our design process, questioning, testing and analyzing every design choice.

As Mohamed Ali once said,

"Float Like A Butterfly and Sting Like a Bee"

We encourage versatility because do not believe a defined, limited design arsenal produces good results. We embrace the individual nature of each project and its complex social contexts. It is versatility that allows us to think around issues, allowing us to be more efficient than simply looking at it and more effective in our results.

Our work is often pragmatic but equally poetic or narrative. One critic recently described us as surreal functionalists, a beautiful oxymoron.

We are conceptual problem solvers but ultimately, we love to build.

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