Masterplan W

W, 2020

The aim was to build an urban design, in which a sustainable spatial layout is linked to a responsible programmatic and architectural int...

House Dede


House Dede is one of a kind. A building with a soul inherited from the land's past but with contemporary architectural and design feature...

OSTA Carpets HQ

Harelbeke, 2019

The future-oriented building and its interior are characterized by a simple and stern outline. On top of the production hall, a glazed vo...

Assistance Housing

Sint-Amandsberg, 2019

Outdoor living in an indoor environment; where social interaction is central. More info, images and plans on

Mobility House

Brussels, 2018

A dynamic and timeless platform where innovation is central and where one can discover tomorrow's mobility. A leading, attractive place t...

Agristo HQ

Wielsbeke, 2018

OYO won the invited competition to design and build the new offices for Agristo. People are placed at the heart of Agristo's new home ref...

Housing Sleepstraat

Ghent, 2018

Located on the corner of a merely residential and bustling commercial area in Ghent, OYO designed a mixed use residential building with 2...

Sports hall L

L, 2017

A sports building is not only a catalyst linked to the sports site but also takes embraces its social level: vibrant on a human level, vi...

Masterplan Olivierstadium 3.0

Knokke, 2017

A clear and readable strategy and structure for the design of the different buildings will create a unique identity for the whole complex...

Masterplan A


The design is the result of a reconversion of a peculiar site in an urban canal area. The project is a mixed-use programmatic puzzle that...

City Hall

Jabbeke, 2016

On this specific site there is not only interaction between different people, but also between the existing building and the new extensio...

Housing Rochehaut


The houses are opened up towards the impressive view over the valley but at the same time go in correspondence with the context by the us...

Assistance Housing Geraardsbergen

Geraardsbergen, 2015

House Mige


House Pibo

Maldegem, 2015

This family house designed by OYO is the result of a close collaboration between client and architect. OYO was given carte blanche, which...

House Cliv


Collaborating on a very intense level led to a fascinating interaction which is a confirmation of the office’s vision in ge...

House Lewi


House Chve


Remodeling of arch. Peter Callebout house.

House Guve


House Gepo

Wijgmaal, 2012

This OYO story takes you to Wijgmaal, where a single family house is conceived as a place without boundaries. Due to the use of steel str...

House Etvm


OYO, Open Y Office, created a small wooden house in Belgium. This single family house is located in a distant forest between some winsome...

House Wiva

Herent, 2009

This OYO story takes you to Herent, where the extension of a private residence captures its surroundings. The inhabitants wanted an exten...