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Over the past decades, POLO in its various guises has become synonymous with high-quality architecture, interior design and urbanism. As we have grown, our workforce has diversified and so has the range of projects we tackle.

We are now laying the foundation for the next iteration of POLO, where a more flexible, horizontal organisation is to be a hotbed for budding design talent. We are a veritable platform: not only a meeting ground for our independently functioning teams but also an outstretched hand to experts and stakeholders outside of our office. We are setting the stage for temporary collaborations and long-term alliances to drive sustainable change.

More than just a purveyor of design services, POLO has the ambition to shape society through impactful and innovative spatial strategies. We widen project scopes, unleash the creativity of clients and endusers and continuously question ourselves and our methodologies; we initiate fundamental research and put pressing social issues on the design agenda.

POLO as a platform is more than just another design firm; it is a generous invitation, an open door, a level playing field, a podium that beckons. Come join us on our ongoing journey!

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