BOB361 architects

Between 2 Squares

Leuven, 2006-2009

Construction of a building with 40 apartments and commercial spaces. The design finishes the Smets-square and the residual spaces, creat...

BOB361 architects


Brussels, 2003-2005

Renovation towards a habitat-work environment: concrete interventions. Transformation of a former industrial building in Brussels toward...

BOB361 architects

Kanaalpark K3

Vilvoorde, 2009-2012

Town Extension The buildings are modulated to the qualities of the park, the canal and the dynamics of the bridge and the quay. The roof...

BOB361 architects


Brussels, 2005-2010

6 apartments on top of the parking space of a Colruyt store. A delivery zone and an existing parking of Colruyt on the groundfloor defin...

BOB361 architects


Leuven, 2000-2005

17 social houses and carports. In response to a very uniform situation, this project includes a homogenous urban morphology and architec...

Claisse Architectures



Patrician house undergoes serious contemporary refurbishing. A vertical monolith in brushed aluminium has been placed parallel to the old...

Claisse Architectures



The project  comes from the lack of direct relationship between the outside and the existing living spaces. The concept is to create pure...

Claisse Architectures



The project consists of two distinct parts, the old and the new. It conserves the original façade on the 1st and 2nd floors, whereby the ...

atelier tom vanhee

House Bruges

Bruges, 2016

Two disused 17th-century houses on a protected brewery site in the centre of Bruges were rebuilt into a family home (with retail ...

atelier tom vanhee

House Bruges

Bruges , 2010

The protected building houses a pharmacy and home since the 17th century. The need for more space in the pharmacy demanded an ext...

atelier tom vanhee

House Gentbrugge

Ghent , 2012

The rear structure of the terraced house was in poor condition. We replaced the structure with a new beam-shaped residential volume. A we...

atelier tom vanhee

House Aartrijke

Aartrijke, 2016

The former farmhouse is situated in an agricultural area. The typology of the existing building was used in a contemporary way to...

atelier tom vanhee

House Brussel

Brussel Sint-Gillis, 2010

This duplex apartment is on the third and fourth floor of an apartment building in the centre of Brussels. Several separate small rooms o...

atelier tom vanhee

House Varsenare

Varsenare , 2002

The building should both be the face of a graphic and photography studio, while discreetly integrating with the structures behind...

Wielfaert Architecten


Sint-Idesbald, 2016

Het project is gelegen op een uitstekende locatie, vlak bij het strand en zeedijk en op wandelafstand van het openbaar vervoer en...

Wielfaert Architecten


Tielt, 2016

Het plan is om er 99 nieuwe wooneenheden te bouwen, bestaande uit 89 assistentieflats, 10 appartementen en 2 handelspanden.

Wielfaert Architecten


Izegem, 2016

In het project staat de intense wisselwerking tussen de bebouwde architectuur en de groene architectuur centraal. Met een uitgeki...

Wielfaert Architecten

Medische praktijk

Anzegem, 2015

Commercieel kantoorgebouw, kantoorinrichting en interieur vormgeving.

Govaert & Vanhoutte architects

Residence KDP


VILLA KETELS The villa is situated not far from the Belgian Coast near the French border, in an a...

Govaert & Vanhoutte architects

Residence DBK

Knokke, 2015

In the 9th century, the Graafjansdijk (dike) protected parts of France and Belgium agaist the storm tides from the North Sea and ...

Govaert & Vanhoutte architects

Golden Ratio

Ghent , 2018

Located in the heart of medieval Ghent city, a heartless 70’ building dislocates a 19th century street. The brief: integrat...


Le Toison d’Or

Brussels, 2016

Ben van Berkel / UNStudio’s first completed project in Belgium – ‘Le Toison d’Or’ - has been realised i...


Etterbeek City Hall


ENVIRONMENT AND PROJECT INTENTIONS The project resides on one of most important road of the city, Avenue des Casernes, near at Eur...


Housing Bomel


This housing project has for ambition to revitalise this unwealthy part of the Namur district. Just like the project “De Citadel&rd...


Housing Rixensart



Housing Molenbeek (MK)

Brussels, 2013

The project is located on the corner of the rue d’Ostende and rue Vanderdussen. The building was built on five levels with partial ...




Enplus Architecten

House NEL

Lochristi, 2013

Villa NEL has very large en open living areas, where everyone can still find their own space. Each room has its own outdoor space linked ...

Enplus Architecten

House VCC

Sint-Denijs-Westrem, 2014

The house is located in the center of a relatively large parcel, in the middle of a building block. The volume could be modern and...

Enplus Architecten

House ROY

Geraardsbergen, 2013

The small terrain behind this townhouse was completely overbuild with annexes. Although we would like some outdoor space, we need all the...

Enplus Architecten

Collective Housing Vesalius

Gent, 2013

Enplus Architecten

House SPR

Lochristi, 2010

This house, only 25 years old, got a completely new arrangement for the new owners: almost all inner walls were removed to create more op...

Govaert & Vanhoutte architects


Brugge, 2004

Villa Roces is integrated in an oblong terrain of about 70m long and 30m wide, situated in the forest surroundings of Bruges.  The c...

Egide Meertens Architecten

Dubois - Barry

Balen, 2014

A single family home that envisions a gentle separation from the public area by creating a fascinating variety of spaces where the garden...

bilquin serck architecten

Habitat DDN (BSa)

Gent, 2016

Gelegen langsheen de Lieve, in het historisch centrum van de stad Gent, vormde de renovatie en reorganisatie van een breedhuis ui...

Egide Meertens Architecten

Woning Nicolaï

Riemst , 2006

De woning Nicolaï is een kleine gelijkvloerswoning met twee slaapkamers, die ondanks de beperkte oppervlakte een zeer grote ruimteli...

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