Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes

Mobile Footbridge

Gand, 2012

The ancient arsenal in the north of Gent lost its industrial glory and became abandoned over time. Situated close to the historic old tow...

Compagnie O. Architects


Antwerpen, 2016

One could expect that the image of the Topsportschool would be sublime, prominent, like a trophy, so everyone could see it. However, this...

Compagnie O. Architects

Fire Station Puurs

Puurs, 2011

The design of the fire station in Puurs starts from a pure functionality of the building on the one hand, a machine à travailler, ...

Compagnie O. Architects

House Van Colen

Wingene, 2008

This is a house for mister Van Colen, a busy vet and homebuilder at the same time. It is located in Wingene, a typical West-Flemish count...

Compagnie O. Architects

Elementary School

Lebbeke, 2017

The design is the result of a rigid transaltion of the clients visionairy brief. The city of Lebbeke wanted a school that would withstand...

Compagnie O. Architects

Elementary School Dender

Geraardsbergen, 2009

The existing primary school of Geraardsbergen nests itself in an absurd inner area in the center of this historical Flemish town. The que...

Compagnie O. Architects


Kortrijk, 2003

The RTC is run by the NPO Pro-Mechatronica – an organisation invoked to help improve the quality of technical education in southwest Flan...

Compagnie O. Architects

Loods 22

Gent, 2010

The project consists of the restoration and conversion of the protected monument: barn 22. Positioned in the docklands of Ghent. Barn 20 ...

POLO Architects

Artesis Plantijn University College

Antwerp, 2015

At the tip of ‘Park Spoor Noord’, Artesis Plantijn University College has realised its new campus. The school building marks the start of...

POLO Architects

Flemish Administrative Centre

Ghent, 2014

The Flemish Government cherished an ambition since 1999 to house its civil servants in the Flemish Administrative Centres. These were to ...

Ralph Richter | Photography and Film

Main Station


J.MAYER.H and Partners, Architects mbB

Court of Justice

Hasselt, 2013

Update from the construction-site: Spring 2013 marks the opening of "Court of Justice" in Hasselt, designed by teams of architects at J. ...

Wim Goes Architectuur

Barn D-M

Wortegem-Petegem, 2005

In the Flemish Ardennes, on a parcel fringed with pollard willows and surrounded by swamps, marches and shrubbery, a typical farmstead is...

Wim Goes Architectuur

Yohji Yamamoto flagship store

Antwerpen, 2007

When people start trying on the clothes, is when clothing starts its life. History is only meaningful in such a community interflowing cl...

Wim Goes Architectuur

Jan Hoet Square

Gent, 2004

Can one design a Museum square in a park? Isn’t a square an urban matter? Will a square in this setting become a park anyway? Designing a...

Wim Goes Architectuur


Flanders, 2008

The flemish farmlands evoke memories and feelings of tranquillity and simplicity. Refuge is a link between this landscape and architectur...

Wim Goes Architectuur

Project L

Flanders, 2004

This is a project for an Art collector who’s wish it was to respect the Neo-Tudor style of the existing house, but at the same time open ...

Francesca Torzo Architetto

Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Design and…

Hasselt, 2019

Name of work in EnglishZ33 House for Contemporary Art, Design and ArchitectureName of work in or...

counson architectes


Houffalize, 2003

Conception 2002 Construction 2003 Situation Houffalize, Belgique Maître d'ouvrage

Volt architecten


Ieper, 2009

Volt architecten


Sint-Amandsberg, 2009

Volt architecten


Sint-Niklaas, 2008

Volt architecten


Sint-Amandsberg, 2010

Volt architecten


Maarkedal, 2008

Volt architecten


Moerbeke, 2008

Volt architecten


Heverlee, 2006

Volt architecten


Sint-Niklaas, 2006

Volt architecten


Mariakerke, 2007

Volt architecten


Sint-Niklaas, 2004

Volt architecten


Sint-Amandsberg, 2010

Volt architecten


Brakel, 2007

Volt architecten


Brakel, 2009

Volt architecten


Ronse, 2009

Verbouwen van textielfabriek tot een project voor groepswonen (6 woningen, 1 atelier,2 kantoorruimtes en gemeenschappelijke ruimtes)

Volt architecten


Brakel, 2011

Bouwen van 38 appartementen + 1 kantoor iov SHM Vlaamse Ardennen korte beschrijving: Een oude leegstaande school in...

Volt architecten


Nederbrakel, 2005

Verbouwen van een bestaand rusthuis tot 11 woningen en bouwen van 5 nieuwbouwwoningen korte beschrijving: Na overle...

Volt architecten


Merelbeke, 2011

Verbouwen en uitbreiden van een supermarkt

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