Dr. Ryckaert

Knokke, 2021

The building site measuring 277 m² is located in the old village center of Knokke, just a stone’s throw away from the market. The assignm...

Van der Perre

Stalhille, 2020

The project entails the construction of a rural home of 1000 m^3 for a couple with two children located in an agriculturally valuable are...


Oostduinkerke, 2020

The plot of land borders with the Spelleplekkeduinen - Plaatsduinen, one of the largest and biologically valuable dune complexes (260 ha)...

Boxy 2

Knokke, 2019

The project is located along the Graaf Jansdijk, an embankment along the southern coast of the North Sea and the mouth of the Westerschel...


Oostende, 2018

House Maeyaert

Affligem, 2014

House and offices

Bruges, 2007

Joseph Stübbenpark

Knokke-Duinbergen, 2001



wedstrijdontwerp - Open Oproep

Tyne Cot Cemetry - Passendale


wedstrijdontwerp onthaalinfrastructuur