Archi 2000’s scope of activity is architecture, and only architecture.

Indeed, this field is already sufficiently large and complex that Archi 2000 wishes to focus on its areas of strength rather than diversify into other fields such as structural engineering, specialised technology, health and safety consultancy, project management, space management, etc.

For these areas, Archi 2000 calls on specialists who can provide their own experience and know-how.

In addition to these external advisors, Archi 2000 has developed temporary collaborations with other architecture firms which has enabled our intimate, family-like team to take on large, ambitious projects.

The founding of Archi 2000 involved a risk and a wager.

The risk was in creating and developing an architecture firm. The wager was in the quality and effectiveness of its work.

During its 28 years of business, Archi 2000 can boast architectural development of approximately 800,000 m_ between new constructions and redevelopment of existing buildings.

Due to its quality and effectiveness, the firm is responsible for timeless architecture that is integrated into the urban landscape.

The wager has been won and will continue to be won in the future.

Since its foundation, Archi 2000 has concentrated a large part of its business on building offices, a domain in which it now has more than 28 years of experience.

Furthermore, Archi 2000 has also completed a number of construction and renovation projects for housing purposes as well as for industrial and commercial purposes.

Our clients are major property developers and investors.

The majority of our projects take place within the Brussels region which we know and love, naturally!

As a result of the numerous and diverse projects that we have carried out, the firm has established excellent relations with different administrative authorities and, in particular, with the city of Brussels and with a number of Brussels local authorities, with the Brussels-Capital region as well as with the services of the CRMS (Royal Commission of Monuments and Sites).

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