We write “Architecture” and “Ambition” with a capital A: we strive and work constantly to achieve the very best possible results based on realistic, well-thought out foundations. A broad range of projects has helped us to become and operate as a top agency that can offer a wide range of possibilities and make its artistic presence felt.

Crepain Binst Architecture deals with architecture as a practical artistic medium to transform assignments into abstractly built creations of conceptual logic and simplicity. The useful signals are constantly distilled from every site, with its peripheral conditions and its own identity, as basis and the setting for every designing process. Considering the client’s requirements, limitations, demands and acceptable standards, we continue to look for solutions through communication and creativity. Conceptual purity, proportion, dynamics, expression, light, colour, space and scale form our core values. The designs are turned into actual realizations following research into the use of renewable materials, conceptually supporting detail and a refined application of texture, to reflect our own clearly recognizable identity. Apart from alterations or the construction of new homes, offices and public buildings, a “cross-pollination” by other creative media also forms part of the range of assignments.

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