House in Tsukuba

Ibaraki, Japon, 2019

Hotel CEN

TOKYO, Japon, 2019

This hotel and café is located in the Shin Okubo district of Tokyo, a lively, bustling urban neighborhood adjacent to the popular foreig...

Vintage House

Tokyo, Japon, 2018

An urban style house built in an ally-like site. The 3m-high ceiling offers a spacious LDK space, even though the site area has a limited...

Primitive House

Tokyo, Japon, 2018

This is a house with a music studio in the basement, built in a quiet residential area. Taking advantage of the large site, by providing ...

House in Moriya

Ibaraki, Japon, 2018

This house was built due to the desire of our client having an environmental change from living in an apartment in Tokyo to suburban life...

House in Yutenji

Tokyo, Japon, 2017

The site is located in the middle of a densely built-up area. By using a partition and different height ceiling, the LDK on the 2nd floor...

House in Misato

Saitama, Japon, 2017

Total floor area 180.95m2 Structure Timber

Secret Garden House

Chiba, Japon, 2017

Total floor area 232.53m2 Structure Timber + Steel

Hut in Tsujido

Kanagawa, Japon, 2015

House in Forest

Nagano, Japon, 2014

House with View

Kanagawa, Japon, 2014

Tiered Lodge

Tochigi, Japon, 2011

Riverside House

Ibaraki, Japon, 2011