Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovénie
Photo © Hisao Suzuki
Photo © Hisao Suzuki
Photo © Hisao Suzuki
Photo © Hisao Suzuki
Photo © Hisao Suzuki
Photo © Hisao Suzuki
Photo © Hisao Suzuki
Photo © Hisao Suzuki
Photo © Hisao Suzuki
Photo © Hisao Suzuki
Ljubljana, Slovénie
5-20 étages

office and workspace

open anonymous competition, 1st prize

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

Site area
4.640 m2

Building area
1.194 m2

Total floor area
18.189 m2

2 basements + ground floor + 7 storeys (internal part), ground floor + 5 storeys (semi-public part)

conference halls, library, gallery, classrooms, restaurant, offices

reinforced concrete, spatial steel trusses

double skin façade, structural glazing, printed glass

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, whose task is to promote the movement and flow of capital in the Republic of Slovenia, is conceived as a "megastore".

In encompassing consultation, information and training departments and services, it acts as a local lead-in to economic globalization. What was involved in this project was the rehabilitation of the institution's offices housed in a strictly rationalist low-rise building, and the addition of a series of semi-public amenities (restaurants, library, lecture rooms, exhibition areas, and archival reading room).

Project attempts explicitly to do away with any barriers between the public, semi-public and private features which are all present in this hybrid design.

By retaining the huge public forecourt, the programme along the existing building is verticalized, thus giving it a new façade, designed like boxes piled on top of each other. Fitted between the two fronts, as if the public forecourt had been suddenly straightened, is a vertical hall, espousing the principle of continuity and interaction between the two parts of the programme.

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