Bruxelles, 2017-2019

Le projet résidentiel « Compas », lauréat du concours organisé par Citydev.Brussels, fait partie du projet de revalorisation urbaine d...


Rive Gauche

Charleroi, 2017

As motor behind the urban development of Charleroi’s downtown (Ville Basse), this large-scale project traces a new commercial axis that r...

DMK Architecture Photography


Antwerp, 2016

Architect Zaha Hadid

BOB361 architects

Between 2 Squares

Leuven, 2006-2009

Construction of a building with 40 apartments and commercial spaces. The design finishes the Smets-square and the residual spaces, creat...

BOB361 architects

Addition to an addition

Heverlee, 2000-2006

Addition to an addition. The original double-house was completely silted up because of additions through time. The intervention doubles ...

BOB361 architects

Library Dendermonde

Dendermonde, 2003-2012

Open Oproep 0340: Library, social restaurant and polyvalent hall. A passage is created between the Kerkstraat and the Sas, giving the bu...

BOB361 architects

H2O Lab

Borgerhout, 2001-2004

Open Oproep 1209: A suspension bridge between two quays. The proposed addition is in the first place a link between two buildings, a (su...

BOB361 architects

Office Building VDAB

Sint-Niklaas, 2001-2010

Open Oproep 0107: Symbiosis of an office building and a landscaped garden. The urban integration of the site is defined by the treatment...

BOB361 architects


Brussels, 2003-2005

Renovation towards a habitat-work environment: concrete interventions. Transformation of a former industrial building in Brussels toward...

BOB361 architects

Kanaalpark K3

Vilvoorde, 2009-2012

Town Extension The buildings are modulated to the qualities of the park, the canal and the dynamics of the bridge and the quay. The roof...

BOB361 architects


Brussels, 2005-2010

6 apartments on top of the parking space of a Colruyt store. A delivery zone and an existing parking of Colruyt on the groundfloor defin...

BOB361 architects


Leuven, 2000-2005

17 social houses and carports. In response to a very uniform situation, this project includes a homogenous urban morphology and architec...

BOB361 architects

Gate 15

Antwerp, 2010-2014

In the complex urban context of Antwerp a hybrid program was realized, with the integration of a 17th century listed house: student accom...

Serge Ferrari S.A.S.

Port House

Antwerpen, 2016

SCHATTEN FÜR DEN DIAMANTEN Mit seinem skulpturellen Design und seiner Höhe von 46 m schon von weitem sichtbar, wurde das Port House im Ha...

JSWD Architekten

Haus der Europäischen Geschichte

Brüssel, 2017

Das im Mai 2017 eröffnete Museum befindet sich im Leopold Park, also im Herzen des Europäischen Viertels von Brüssel. An diesem Standort ...

Claisse Architectures



Dans l’espace d’un ancien garage des années 20, il s’agissait de mettre en place des espaces de bureaux offrant une spatialité intéressan...

Claisse Architectures



Maison de maître revisitée par des interventions résolument contemporaines. Un monolithe vertical en aluminium brossé se glisse parallèle...

Claisse Architectures



Le projet découle du manque de relation directe entre l’extérieur et les espaces de vie existants. Le concept est de créer un volume pur ...

Claisse Architectures



Le projet consiste en la remise en valeur de la façade d’un bâtiment existant afin de créer un accueil lumineux et contemporain au parkin...

Claisse Architectures



Le projet comporte deux parties, actuelle et ancienne, bien distinctes. Il conserve la façade originale aux 1er et 2e étages, tandis que ...


Siège social d’AGC Glass Europe

Louvain-la-Neuve, 2014

L’approche paysagère    Le bâtiment reprend l’alignemen...


Caserne des pompiers pour le SRI-Charleroi

Charleroi, 2016

Tenant compte des spécificités du site, le projet présente une architecture simple, contemporaine, compacte ...

atelier tom vanhee

Community centre Woesten

Vleteren , 2011

We were asked to design two community centres in the municipality of Vleteren, Belgium. The old school of Westvleteren and the ol...

atelier tom vanhee

House Bruges

Bruges, 2016

Two disused 17th-century houses on a protected brewery site in the centre of Bruges were rebuilt into a family home (with retail ...

atelier tom vanhee

House Bruges

Bruges , 2010

The protected building houses a pharmacy and home since the 17th century. The need for more space in the pharmacy demanded an ext...

atelier tom vanhee

House Gentbrugge

Ghent , 2012

The rear structure of the terraced house was in poor condition. We replaced the structure with a new beam-shaped residential volume. A we...

atelier tom vanhee

House Aartrijke

Aartrijke, 2016

The former farmhouse is situated in an agricultural area. The typology of the existing building was used in a contemporary way to...

atelier tom vanhee

House Brussel

Brussel Sint-Gillis, 2010

This duplex apartment is on the third and fourth floor of an apartment building in the centre of Brussels. Several separate small rooms o...

atelier tom vanhee

Community centre Westvleteren

Vleteren, 2011

We were asked to design two community centres in the municipality of Vleteren, Belgium. The old school of Westvleteren and the ol...

atelier tom vanhee

House Varsenare

Varsenare , 2002

The building should both be the face of a graphic and photography studio, while discreetly integrating with the structures behind...

atelier tom vanhee

House Vilvoorde

Vilvoorde, 2020

A fire had heavily damaged this terraced house. The client opted for a thorough renovation, according to passive standards and by us...

atelier tom vanhee

Social housing Eeklo

Eeklo, 2016

The project is part of the social neighbourhood Boelare - Blommekens. The extension consists of a three storey building with multi-family...

atelier tom vanhee

Recording studio Gentbrugge

Ghent , 2011

A former carpenters’ shed, centrally located within a block of houses, is converted into a private recording studio (Number Nine St...

OYO Architects

House Chve

Belgium, 2013

Remodeling of arch. Peter Callebout house.

OYO Architects

Assistance Housing

Sint-Amandsberg, 2019

Outdoor living in an indoor environment; where social interaction is central.

OYO Architects

Housing Rochehaut

Rochehaut, 2015

The houses are opened up towards the impressive view over the valley but at the same time go in correspondence with the context by the us...

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