Garden Store Louise

Saint-Gilles (Bruxelles), 2017

Le projet « Garden Store Louise » est situé le long de l'avenue Louise, un des avenues les plus prestigieuses de B...


Îlot Sacré

Bruxelles, 2017

La localisation du site, au cœur historique de Bruxelles, à deux pas de la Grand-Place, tout comme son histoire de construct...


Prison de Leuze

Leuze-en-Hainaut, 2013

La construction d'une nouvelle prison à Leuze-en-Hainaut s'inscrit dans le cadre d'un projet global de vie carcé...


Oude Dokken

Gand, 2014

La municipalité de Gand envisage la reconversion de la zone des anciens docks en un tout nouveau quartier au bord de l'eau, av...


Etterbeek City Hall


ENVIRONMENT AND PROJECT INTENTIONS The project resides on one of most important road of the city, Avenue des Casernes, near at Eur...


Housing Bomel


This housing project has for ambition to revitalise this unwealthy part of the Namur district. Just like the project “De Citadel&rd...


Bomel Slaughterhouse

Namur, 2014

The former Bomel slaughterhouse is now part of a cultural area with an extensive history and an exceptional character in a comic strip mu...


Housing Rixensart



Housing Molenbeek (MK)

Brussels, 2013

The project is located on the corner of the rue d’Ostende and rue Vanderdussen. The building was built on five levels with partial ...





Newton Park

Brussels, 2014

The project proposes the construction of a complex for small and medium enterprise (PME Park) with an expressive architecture taking maxi...


New Building for the Study of Social Work (SOAG)

Ghent, 2012

The Soag building is a free standing volume, set back off the Voskenslaan, creating an open space as a transition between residential hom...

Wim Goes Architectuur

Refuge II

Flanders, 2014

Refuge II involves the development of a temporary space suitable for hosting a terminally ill patient. The project envisages architecture...

Wim Goes Architectuur

Royal Belgian Sailing Club

Zeebrugge, 2012

Perched on a peninsula of land between a busy container port on the one side and a refined marina on the other lies the Royal Belgian Sai...

Erik Dhont

536 Crematorium Aalst


The landscape vision for the Siesegem crematorium is a spatial reflection on what it is that accompanies separation from a loved one. It ...

Erik Dhont

524 Sint Antoniuskaai

Ghent, 2014

This is a project in Ghent where an industrial building is being transformed into apartments, supplemented by a number of new contemporar...

Erik Dhont

351 Damme


This is a project involving the rural restoration of a restored farm in one of Belgium’s most beautiful pieces of countryside. Amon...

Erik Dhont

280 Roeselaere


One of the prime points of departure in this project was the reclamation of the bricks from the demolished farm. We have piled these up t...

Erik Dhont

190 Steenhuffel


In preceding years, the 17th-century Chateau Diepensteyn has been restored to its original state and is now used as a place for reception...

Erik Dhont

173 Koningin Groen Park - Parc Reine Verte

Brussels, 2007

This 1.3 acre park, once an area of blight in a low-income neighbourhood of Schaarbeek, was abandoned for years and deemed too steep for ...

Studio Farris Architects

Park Tower

Antwerp, 2014

The Park Tower was finished in November 2014 and is situated in a unique location within walking distance from the new MAS museum, the ha...

Enplus Architecten

House NEL

Lochristi, 2013

Villa NEL has very large en open living areas, where everyone can still find their own space. Each room has its own outdoor space linked ...

Enplus Architecten

House VCC

Sint-Denijs-Westrem, 2014

The house is located in the center of a relatively large parcel, in the middle of a building block. The volume could be modern and...

Enplus Architecten

Concrete Factory Van den Hende

Lochristi, 2014

This family company, Van den Hende Beton, is specialized in the manufacturing of prefab concrete elements, from retaining walls to tiles ...

Enplus Architecten

House ROY

Geraardsbergen, 2013

The small terrain behind this townhouse was completely overbuild with annexes. Although we would like some outdoor space, we need all the...

Enplus Architecten

Collective Housing Vesalius

Gent, 2013

Enplus Architecten

Eskimo Fabriek

Ghent, 2014

The Eskimo Fabriek is located in a 19th century textile factory. This event location has multiple different spaces to fit all kinds of pa...

Enplus Architecten

House SPR

Lochristi, 2010

This house, only 25 years old, got a completely new arrangement for the new owners: almost all inner walls were removed to create more op...

Sophie Green Interior Architecture

South Denmark European Office II

Brussels, 2014

Specialized in "build communication", the office of Sophie Green Specialized in "build communication", the office of Sophie Green Interio...

Sophie Green Interior Architecture

British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium

Brussels, 2015

The British Chamber Of Commerce In Belgium is a large premises situated in the heart of Brussels' commercial sector. The organisation aim...

Govaert & Vanhoutte architects

Tyne Cot Cemetery

Tyne Cot Cemetery, the biggest Commonwealth cemetery in the world, was built by Sir Herbert Baker in 1927. The land on which it was built...

Govaert & Vanhoutte architects

Rob Systems

The new headquarters for ROB (Louage & Wisselinck) combines office space, a showroom with bar, and a production hall. ...

Govaert & Vanhoutte architects


Hotel “Notarishuys” is an expansion for  an existing restaurant. The new building, conceived as a pavilion, holds a hote...

Govaert & Vanhoutte architects



Restauration, reconversion & refurbishment of bombshelters “Kazematten” in Ypres Underneath a rampant of a...

Govaert & Vanhoutte architects



Extension and reconversion of an existing farm and mill site into a hotel – A formation of four concrete volumes gathers around a U...

Govaert & Vanhoutte architects

Obumex Outdoor Showroom

Staden, 2013

The new volume is an natural extension of the massive existing buildings. Key materials are concrete and lots of glass, which create an o...

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