OYO Architects

Primary School Meise

Meise, 2020

A school for innovative education, with a positive social impact on the neighbourhood, connected with nature. A school should be more th...


4EE European School & Facilities

Brussels, 2012

Project for Conix Architecs : Renovation and extension of a former military academy into the 4th European school of Brussels, a school fo...

Compagnie O. Architects

Polyvalent Pavilion Brasschaat

Brasschaat, 2021

This pavilion is the much-needed expansion to a school for mentally and physically disabled children and covers the spaces that allow the...

Compagnie O. Architects

School for the Disabled Brasschaat

Brasschaat, 2020

We started the design for the primary school-extension not from a big architectural gesture, but from the smallest, most elementary schoo...

MTTR Architekten + Stadtplaner

Kindergarten und Grundschule Dilbeek

Dilbeek, 2017

Wettbewerb 2017 Das Gebäude ist ein Zusammenschluss von Kindergarten und Grundschule. Den pädagogischen Leitlinien des Trägers entsprech...

Urban Platform


Brussels, 2019

This project rests on the rehabilitation, demolition and construction of buildings on an existing school site in the heart of a relativel...

Urban Platform


Mutsaard, 2016

With a very dense programme and a strong regulatory constraint, the project anchors itself in the existing buildings in a balanced fashio...

Urban Platform


Tienen, 2016

The initial creation of a master plan led to an architecture mission that provides for the construction of different types of dwellings a...

Urban Platform


Brussels, 2012

The master plan seeks to promote and develop an existing school site. The choice to raze certain parts and erect new constructions on the...

Urban Platform


Ostende, 2011

This school extension comprises 16 classrooms and administrative offices. Its location bolsters the organization of the school campus aro...

Urban Platform


Brussels, 2015

The project occupies two back-to-back plots and provides for the construction of a hub of public facilities including a multipurpose room...

Urban Platform


Brussels, 2010

The assignment consisted in creating a passive school for 300 pupils of the Flemish Community. By choosing to build on half the site and ...

Compagnie O. Architects

Elementary School Melle

Melle, 2017

The city of Melle wishes to build a new primary school on a completely open, unidentified plot of land. Our main goal was to endow this...


Site Van Oost

Schaerbeek (Brussels), 2016-2018

The ‘Site Van Oost’ project takes part of a larger sustainable development plan for the commune of Schaerbeek (Brussels), aiming to reval...

Compagnie O. Architects


Antwerpen, 2016

Het imago van de TopSportSchool, kortweg TSS, zou je ‘subliem’ kunnen verwachten, in elke geval prominent aanwezig, als een podium, een t...

Compagnie O. Architects


Lebbeke, 2017

Dit ontwerp is het resultaat van een loepzuivere projectdefinitie van een opdrachtgever-met-visie: Lebbeke wil een school niet enkel voor...

Compagnie O. Architects

Basisschool Dender

Antwerpen, 2009

Dit ontwerp ontsnapt aan de alom tegenwoordige verkleutering en ‘disneyfication’ van kinderen. Door hen een uitgesproken nieuwsoortige ru...

Volt Architecten


Brakel, 1999

Bekkering Adams Architecten (from 2020: studioADAMS and Juliette Bekkering architecten)

School Campus Peer

Peer, 2011

The project, with a size of approximately 18,000 m2, involves the construction of a secondary school, an elementary school, a sports comp...

Binst Architects


Gent, 2009

EDUCATION, INTERIOR Newly built school building Campus Kantienberg for Arteveldehogeschool Building schools means building the future, a...

DnA architecten ingenieurs

Nieuwbouwvleugel Atheneum

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