Urban Platform


Brussels, 2019

This project rests on the rehabilitation, demolition and construction of buildings on an existing school site in the heart of a relativel...

Compagnie O. Architects

Loods 23 Ghent

Gent, 2009

This project entails the restoration and reconversion of one of three warehouses (19th-century monuments) on the outport of Ghent into a ...

Enplus Architecten

Concrete Factory Van den Hende

Lochristi, 2014

This family company, Van den Hende Beton, is specialized in the manufacturing of prefab concrete elements, from retaining walls to tiles ...

Govaert & Vanhoutte architects

Obumex Outdoor Showroom

Staden, 2013

The new volume is an natural extension of the massive existing buildings. Key materials are concrete and lots of glass, which create an o...

Graux & Baeyens architecten

Pavilion Bis

Pavilion Bis, 2010

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