OYO Architects

Hof van Saeys

Dendermonde, 2021

OYO were approached to collaborate on a PPS development in Dendermonde’s city centre. The project would provide residential, commercial a...



Brussel, 2019

Located in the rue des Poissonniers, in the center of Brussels, an office building from the 1930's, which has kept most of its original c...


Îlot Sacré

Brussel, 2017

Just steps from the Grand Place in Brussels, “Îlot Sacré” has breathed new purpose into one of the rare remaining fallow pieces of land w...

C+S Architects

Urban regeneration of Panquin site

Tervuren, 2020

Since founding their office and their research group at C+S, Carlo Cappai and Maria Alessandra Segantini have been working on several her...

Gaspar Lambé , Vianney Soulard

Temporary use as a new right to the city


Temporary use of the "Tri postal" Our project is the result of a joint reflexion motivated by a willingness to question the urban ways o...



Anderlecht, 2020 - 2023

Between city and nature, between work and habitat, this mixed project functions as a city on its own. A skyline – composed of volumes wit...

POLO Architects

YUST Flexible Housing

Antwerpen, 2019

De Harmoniewijk is op weg in het rijtje van de hippe stadsbuurten van Antwerpen zoals het Eilandje en het Zuid terecht te komen. Eerder t...

POLO Architects

Cadiz Mixed-Use Project

Antwerp, 2016

Dit gemengde project van 40.000 m² op de site van het voormalige Douanegebouw illustreert de transformatie van de Cadixwijk tot een hippe...

Urban Platform


Vandergoten, 2015

Set in an enclosed site, the project is an articulation that closes up the block by means of 2 buildings that create a visual and acousti...

Urban Platform


Peterbos, 2016

In order to reimagine the ‘Etrimo’ building, the project proposes a combined programmatic and architectural approach. The project reconsi...

Urban Platform

Helmet-Van Droogenbroeck

Brussels, 2016

The mission consisted in preparing a master plan seeking to draw up a typological inventory of 34 buildings dating from the 1920s and gre...


Hôtel Siebertz

Charleroi, 2017

atelier tom vanhee

House Varsenare

Varsenare , 2002

The building should both be the face of a graphic and photography studio, while discreetly integrating with the structures behind...

OYO Architects

Assistance Housing

Sint-Amandsberg, 2019

Outdoor living in an indoor environment; where social interaction is central.

OYO Architects

Housing Sleepstraat

Ghent, 2018

Located on the corner of a merely residential and bustling commercial area in Ghent, OYO designed a mixed use residential building with 2...

Delmulle Delmulle

Studio Regie

Merelbeke, 2015

1956: Raymond ‘Mondse’ Wollaert was a well-known and beloved citizen of Merelbeke. With his wife Germaine Willems, Raymond owned a butche...

De Bruycker – De Brock

House and offices

Bruges, 2007


Site Van Oost

Schaerbeek (Brussels), 2016-2018

The ‘Site Van Oost’ project takes part of a larger sustainable development plan for the commune of Schaerbeek (Brussels), aiming to reval...


Oude Dokken

Ghent, 2014

The City of Ghent considers the reconversion of its three oldest docks into a whole new quarter along the waterfront, where the accent wi...

Studio Farris Architects

Park Tower

Antwerp, 2014

The Park Tower was finished in November 2014 and is situated in a unique location within walking distance from the new MAS museum, the ha...



Hasselt, 2006

Renovation Extension Interior Design


Depots Pyrex

Brussels, 2009

Restoration Interior Design


VKA Kipdorp

Antwerpen, 2014

Reconversion of a former firehouse into contemporary student housing Restoration Interior Design

LOW architecten

Guesthouse Little Willy


Little Willy is the name of an innovative project in the trendy “Quartier Dansaert” in the centre of Brussels, housing a B&am...

CONIX RDBM Architects

Hoopnatie - Mixed development; residential use,…

Antwerpen, 2006

The area between Cockerillkaai and Timmerwerfstraat looked chaotic because it lacked design unity. Due to the existing relationship betwe...

STAR strategies + architecture

The Room that was Always There


Overall concept: As architects, we see how often Sustainability is reduced to a green dressing on top of the fina...

De Bruycker – De Brock

Fieuws, office of Notary

Brugge, 2008

DnA architecten ingenieurs

Woning met kantoor V

Oostakker, 2004

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