536 Crematorium Aalst

可视化 © Visualizations by Kaan Architecten
可视化 © Visualizations by Kaan Architecten
照片 © Erik Dhont
照片 © Reiner Lautwein
Landscape Architects
Erik Dhont

The landscape vision for the Siesegem crematorium is a spatial reflection on what it is that accompanies separation from a loved one. It is a static garden comprising areas for scattering the ashes and a dynamic landscape articulatedby water buffers and woodland. It is a landscape that has a quality of inaccessibility and one that exudes tranquillity. The organisation of the car park  must be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing, providing both security and functionality.The large landscape area next to the restaurant is a lively and dynamic one that stimulates the imagination. This involves a careful treatment of the different light levels and security, while also paying attention to the natural bufferzone and the woodland. It is a new landscape that is in harmony with the crematorium building. The water buffer and water overflow areas have deep and shallow zones to attract wildlife. The purpose of the two stones at the entrance to the cite is to suggest the intimacy between relatives and friends./ in collaboration with Kaan Architecten


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