M&J House

front facade
照片 © Tim van de Velde
back facade
照片 © Tim van de Velde
照片 © bruno vanbesien
living room
照片 © bruno vanbesien
stairs towards the living room
照片 © bruno vanbesien
照片 © Tim Van de Velde
照片 © Tim van de Velde
corridor towards the bathroom
照片 © bruno vanbesien
照片 © Jo Pauwels
the facade is oriented to the public parc
照片 © Jo Pauwels
照片 © Jo Pauwels
bruno vanbesien architects
Vossem, 3080 Tervuren

The house with the front facade oriented to the South and the back swirling between the gardens of neighbours has been functionally oriented. The park in front could become visually part of the house by placing the living room and kitchen on the first floor. The on-bed-and bathroom situated in the back of the house have enormous glass surfaces above eyesight, these window surfaces also service as a railing for the terrace. As a result of which you have a continuous sense of the garden trough the glass volume. The front and the roof form a cover carried out in zinc made in unequal zinc counterfoils.

The openings which were dictated from the interior fitted perfectly within these counterfoils. A large glass roof ensures spacious light in the kitchen and gives visibility to the park from the office on the second floor. All surfaces are painted in white: walls, ceilings and floor, only the furniture, which is specially designed for this house is in wood. All furniture, and the stairs to the 2nd level are finished in zebrano-wood, treated with a dark colored oil which gives the house a massive feel and was meant to add a vivid element and to bring all spaces together. The volume only has 2 openings, both black-coloured, one for a fire-place, one for the cooker. The 7,5m long table in the kitchen serves as a dinner-table and a as a working-space, it is executed in solid surface in exact the same colour as the floor.

The window-profiles are or completely invisible or accentuated, like the big frame of the kitchen window, this is over-dimensioned, but can be slided completely in the wall to get closer contact with the garden. There is a big difference in heights from space to space. By giving the kitchen a lower ceiling, the living room ceiling feels even higher than it is. All technical devices such as structural elements, ventilation, lighting and heating appliances, and music distribution are completely built in. The tight lining both horizontally and vertically ensure a sense of perspective and a larger space feeling.


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