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RTL House

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The new company headquarters of RTL-TVI, located at the corner of the Chaussée de Louvain and the Avenue Georgin
(municipality of Schaerbeek in the Brusssels region), combines all RTL-TVI activities, i.e., the administration activities and
radio and television studios.
The building offers between 18,500 m² floor space, apart from the ground floor, on five levels with two basements and 310
parking lots.
The most difficult part of the project was to perform all work in compliance with a very tight schedule: only 18 months elapsed
from the movement of the first shovel full of earth and the move to the new headquarters. The technologies utilised are unique
in Europe, with 700 km of wiring concealed under false flooring.
“The building is designed to consist of 4 levels, divided into two parts (North and South) linked by a “gangway” symbolised by
the Editorial Rooms of the two entities, Radio (in the North) and Television (South).
The “North” is organized around an inner courtyard providing all office areas with natural daylight all day long. Around the
atrium are two office bays also benefiting from natural light. The light was an essential feature of the architectural design
since, apart from the editorial areas, designed according to an open plan design, all other areas are partitioned.
The RTL company culture is supported by one major factor: common editorial activities relating to both radio and television,
intended to provide a better vision of the contemporary activities uniting the editorial teams, located in a broad area around
the atrium. The other services work in partitioned offices.”

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