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The + in DDS+ stands for smart additions. Additions that amplify capacities and unlock vast creative potential. Additions that spur collaboration within our team and also with external partners, engineers, consultants and architects.

Founded in 2006, DDS+ gathers over 75 collaborators of different personalities and nationalities, combining creativity with practical concerns. Focused on people first and foremost, DDS+ believes in a human-centered approach, both in its architectural practice and work ethos. Fostering a work environment that promotes team spirit, every collaborator is an active participant in the creative process and contributes to the quality of the architecture produced.

DDS+ focuses on projects with architectural and urban-planning challenges, requiring an innovative approach. Included right from the conception phase, sustainability infuses throughout all the architectural process.

In renovation as much as new construction, local specificities drive context-driven solution. The studio leverages its expertise in housing, office, retail, hospitality and mixed-use projects to explore new ways of living and working and provide a better experience to future occupants.

With the valuable support of its R&D team, DDS+ has proven its ability to imagine, manage and monitor the development of complex urban spaces, and to stand for a durable and ethical approach in architecture.

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