OYO Architects

Hof van Saeys

Dendermonde, 2021

OYO were approached to collaborate on a PPS development in Dendermonde’s city centre. The project would provide residential, commercial a...

Wim Goes Architectuur

FH2.0 Multi-Family House

Flanders, 2018

A multi-family house and yoga space built in urban area outside of Ghent, Belgium. The spaces are embraced by the brickstone walls, cont...

C+S Architects

Urban regeneration of Panquin site

Tervuren, 2020

Since founding their office and their research group at C+S, Carlo Cappai and Maria Alessandra Segantini have been working on several her...

POLO Architects

YUST Flexible Housing

Antwerpen, 2019

De Harmoniewijk is op weg in het rijtje van de hippe stadsbuurten van Antwerpen zoals het Eilandje en het Zuid terecht te komen. Eerder t...

POLO Architects

Cadiz Mixed-Use Project

Antwerp, 2016

Dit gemengde project van 40.000 m² op de site van het voormalige Douanegebouw illustreert de transformatie van de Cadixwijk tot een hippe...

Delmulle Delmulle


Waregem, 2017

Sliding shutters, in vertically open wooden slatted work, provide intimacy, serve as sunscreens against overheating, as privacy screens a...

Urban Platform


Homborchveld, 2018

The project takes its place in the structure of the existing landscape, ‘a void in the mass’. It increases the density of this area by cr...

Urban Platform


Vervloet, 2016

The project occupies four floors in order to respect the existing sizes along the road and continues along the edge of the property on th...

Urban Platform


Vandergoten, 2015

Set in an enclosed site, the project is an articulation that closes up the block by means of 2 buildings that create a visual and acousti...

Urban Platform


Peterbos, 2016

In order to reimagine the ‘Etrimo’ building, the project proposes a combined programmatic and architectural approach. The project reconsi...

Urban Platform

Van Volxem

Brussels, 2015

The master plan develops the historic building line of Avenue Van Volxem, combined with a free construction in the centre of the block. T...

Urban Platform

Grande Haie

Brussels, 2014

The project consists in the new construction of a building on the street side totalling the ground floor + 4 floors + a fifth floor that ...

Urban Platform

Helmet-Van Droogenbroeck

Brussels, 2016

The mission consisted in preparing a master plan seeking to draw up a typological inventory of 34 buildings dating from the 1920s and gre...

Urban Platform


Tienen, 2014

This master plan is the result of an urbanistic and financial feasibility study that seeks to provide a sustainable and quality solution ...

Urban Platform

Coccinelle II

Brussels, 2015

This project made the most of some major constraints to offer dwellings facing in 4 directions. The stair-like constructions, which are t...

Urban Platform

Van Dyck

Van Dyck

This project is the key project of the Coteaux-Josaphat neighbourhood contract. Its objectives are (1) the creation of a hub centred on y...

Urban Platform


Brussels, 2012

The project reconstructs the building marking the corner as a strong architectural signal. This takes the shape of a massive volume, like...

Urban Platform



This feasibility study sought to set out an urban revitalization strategy for this industrial site along the canal. It defined urban and ...

Urban Platform

Midi Suède

Brussels, 2007

The project aims to ensure the visual continuity of the constructions and a fluid transition with regard to the type and size of the neig...

Urban Platform


Brussels, 2012

The master plan seeks to promote and develop an existing school site. The choice to raze certain parts and erect new constructions on the...

Urban Platform


Brussels, 2012

The project includes 2 residential buildings including 8 apartments on the street side and 4 lofts at the back. It seeks, on the one hand...

Urban Platform


Brussels, 2009

Comprising 35 apartments and 1 shop, this building seeks to restore the rhythm of the houses, typical of Brussels architecture, of the st...

Urban Platform


Brussels, 2012

The project restructures the Tivoli site while maintaining the morphology of the subdivision permit. It redefines the status of the roads...

Archi 2000


Brussels, 2018

Located in the smart Observatory district in Uccle centre, the plans consist of demolishing an old house attached to an existing building...

Archi 2000


Uccle, 2019

Built on the site of a former convent, the project offers outstanding quality of life in the heart of Uccle. This is a high-class residen...

Archi 2000

Greenhill Park

Woluwe Saint Pierre, 2019

The project, “Greenhill Park”, is within the lush park on Tervuren Avenue in Woluwé-St-Pierre. The two buildings that compose it are part...


Les Hiercheuses

Compagnie O. Architects

Group Housing Mechelen

Mechelen, 2015

This project presents, in many ways, a border situation. Continuing on an existing masterplan, the berm block, though located on a promin...

atelier tom vanhee

Social housing Eeklo

Eeklo, 2016

The project is part of the social neighbourhood Boelare - Blommekens. The extension consists of a three storey building with multi-family...

OYO Architects

Assistance Housing

Sint-Amandsberg, 2019

Outdoor living in an indoor environment; where social interaction is central.

OYO Architects

Housing Sleepstraat

Ghent, 2018

Located on the corner of a merely residential and bustling commercial area in Ghent, OYO designed a mixed use residential building with 2...

Wielfaert Architecten


Sint-Idesbald, 2016

Het project is gelegen op een uitstekende locatie, vlak bij het strand en zeedijk en op wandelafstand van het openbaar vervoer en...

Wielfaert Architecten


Tielt, 2016

Het plan is om er 99 nieuwe wooneenheden te bouwen, bestaande uit 89 assistentieflats, 10 appartementen en 2 handelspanden.

Wielfaert Architecten


St Idesbald, 2016

In het project staat de intense wisselwerking tussen de bebouwde architectuur en de groene architectuur centraal. Met een uitgekiend ontw...


Le Toison d’Or

Brussels, 2016

Ben van Berkel / UNStudio’s first completed project in Belgium – ‘Le Toison d’Or’ - has been realised i...


Etterbeek City Hall


ENVIRONMENT AND PROJECT INTENTIONS The project resides on one of most important road of the city, Avenue des Casernes, near at Eur...

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