Compagnie O. Architects

Cemetery Pavilions Brasschaat

Brasschaat, 2016

The service buildings on all four of Brasschaat’s cemeteries are in need of an update. They fulfil the double function of reception and s...

Compagnie O. Architects

Safety Pavilion Knokke

Knokke-Heist, 2015

If there is one building line we shan’t cross, it is the Belgian coastline. Yet somehow there is still that one building left to be built...

Compagnie O. Architects

Group Housing Mechelen

Mechelen, 2015

This project presents, in many ways, a border situation. Continuing on an existing masterplan, the berm block, though located on a promin...

Compagnie O. Architects

New Administrative Center

Brasschaat, 2014

To design an Administrative Centre mainly entails the design of relations – formal and distant relations (e.g. civilian-government, polic...

Compagnie O. Architects

House Machelen

Machelen, 2016

Deze woning wordt gebouwd op een site die niet aan een straat ligt. Een uitzonderlijke situatie; niet enkel zijn er amper rechtstreekse b...

Egide Meertens Architecten

Verbiest - Lenvain

Grimbergen, 2016

Eerlijk materiaalgebruik en een rijke daglichtinval, dat is de rode draad doorheen de renovatie van deze rijwoning. Een oude achterbouw m...

Egide Meertens Architecten

Habets - Raemaekers

Lafelt, 2013

Aan de rand van een woonzone in het landelijke Lafelt (Riemst) vormt deze woning een baken voor het kleine gehucht. Het gebouw manifestee...

Egide Meertens Architecten

Claessens - Leyssen

Bocholt, 2015

In dit project in Bocholt verlaat de ontwerper plat getreden paden en speelt hij met binnen- en buitenruimtes. Zo komt hij tot een nieuw ...

Egide Meertens Architecten

Trullemans - America

Landen, 2016

Met 33m kreeg deze woning een ongebruikelijke lengte aangemeten. Die longitude bood meteen potenties om een sterk statement te maken: één...


The Mint

Brussels, 2017

Situated opposite the famous La Monnaie opera house and a stone's throw from the rue Neuve, the 'Centre Monnaie' is an iconic building in...



Brussels, 2017-2019

The 'Compas' residential project, which won the competition organised by Citydev.Brussels, is part of the urban renewal of the Canal Zone...


Rue du Roetaert

Brussels, 2016

A former hangar situated in a quiet street in the heart of Uccle has been converted into nine three room residences and completed with a ...


Rive Gauche

Charleroi, 2017

As motor behind the urban development of Charleroi’s downtown (Ville Basse), this large-scale project traces a new commercial axis that r...

DMK Architecture Photography


Antwerp, 2016

Architect Zaha Hadid

NEOLITH® by TheSize

ZOL Campus St.-Jan, Genk

With 811 beds, a turnover of over 300 million Euros in 2013 and continuous development, the ZOL Campus St.-Jan in Genk, Belgium, is a med...

NEOLITH® by TheSize

Saint Jean Hospital, Brussels

Neolith by TheSize has been specified by ALTIPLAN° Architects for a façade renewal of the Saint Jean Hospital in Brussels. Located on a b...

BOB361 architects

Between 2 Squares

Leuven, 2006-2009

Construction of a building with 40 apartments and commercial spaces. The design finishes the Smets-square and the residual spaces, creat...

BOB361 architects

Addition to an addition

Heverlee, 2000-2006

Addition to an addition. The original double-house was completely silted up because of additions through time. The intervention doubles ...

BOB361 architects

Library Dendermonde

Dendermonde, 2003-2012

Open Oproep 0340: Library, social restaurant and polyvalent hall. A passage is created between the Kerkstraat and the Sas, giving the bu...

BOB361 architects

H2O Lab

Borgerhout, 2001-2004

Open Oproep 1209: A suspension bridge between two quays. The proposed addition is in the first place a link between two buildings, a (su...

BOB361 architects

Office Building VDAB

Sint-Niklaas, 2001-2010

Open Oproep 0107: Symbiosis of an office building and a landscaped garden. The urban integration of the site is defined by the treatment...

BOB361 architects


Brussels, 2003-2005

Renovation towards a habitat-work environment: concrete interventions. Transformation of a former industrial building in Brussels toward...

BOB361 architects

Kanaalpark K3

Vilvoorde, 2009-2012

Town Extension The buildings are modulated to the qualities of the park, the canal and the dynamics of the bridge and the quay. The roof...

BOB361 architects


Brussels, 2005-2010

6 apartments on top of the parking space of a Colruyt store. A delivery zone and an existing parking of Colruyt on the groundfloor defin...

BOB361 architects


Leuven, 2000-2005

17 social houses and carports. In response to a very uniform situation, this project includes a homogenous urban morphology and architec...

BOB361 architects

Gate 15

Antwerp, 2010-2014

In the complex urban context of Antwerp a hybrid program was realized, with the integration of a 17th century listed house: student accom...

Serge Ferrari S.A.S.

Port House

Antwerpen, 2016

Schatten für den Diamanten - Mit seinem skulpturellen Design und seiner Höhe von 46 m schon von weitem sichtbar, wurde das Port House im ...

JSWD Architekten

Haus der Europäischen Geschichte

Brüssel, 2017

Das im Mai 2017 eröffnete Museum befindet sich im Leopold Park, also im Herzen des Europäischen Viertels von Brüssel. An diesem Standort ...

Claisse Architectures



In the premises of a former garage dating from the 1920s, the aim was to create office spaces offering an interesting spatiatility and br...

Claisse Architectures



Patrician house undergoes serious contemporary refurbishing. A vertical monolith in brushed aluminium has been placed parallel to the old...

Claisse Architectures



The project  comes from the lack of direct relationship between the outside and the existing living spaces. The concept is to create pure...

Claisse Architectures



Renovation of a building used as a car park entrance and transformation of the inside of this entrance. The project consists in highlight...

Claisse Architectures



The project consists of two distinct parts, the old and the new. It conserves the original façade on the 1st and 2nd floors, whereby the ...

Atelier MA+P


Het “Modelwijk” project omvat de opmaak van een masterplan en de renovatie van een sociale woonwijk van ca. duizend w...

Atelier MA+P




Head office of AGC Glass Europe

Louvain-la-Neuve, 2014

Landscape approach – The building follows the route of the N4 highway, respecting the natural landforms. The ...

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