Maillen Hotel & Appartment

Shenzhen, China
Photo © Wu Qiwei
Photo © Wu Qiwei
Photo © Wu Qiwei
Photo © Wu Qiwei
Photo © Wu Qiwei
Photo © Wu Qiwei
Photo © Wu Qiwei
Photo © Wu Qiwei
Photo © Wu Qiwei
Photo © Wu Qiwei
Urbanus Architecture & Design

Located at the base of a hillside in Shekou, Shenzhen, the total area of the site is roughly 13,200 square meters, with 25,100 square meters of building area programmed as residential apartments and a hotel.

The project returns to fundamental ideas in Chinese living as expressed by the saying “hills outside hills, and gardens inside gardens,” an idea referring to a continuous and occasionally repeating rhythm of space and form found in many traditional villages and mountainous landscapes. The relationship between nature and building is blurred in an attempt to create a new kind of urban village.

Located on the foot of the mountain which is called “south mountain”, the site is terraced and sloped. The buildings gently grow out from the landscape, taking on the angular characteristic of the geography while offering ponds and courtyards to the residents. Views from the units extend to several smaller courtyards where bamboo, pine, and plum blossom can be found. In the center of the site, a modest walkway forms a link over the water, bridging the interconnected garden.


Yanshan Road, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Description of Structural System

Special-shape Column Frame Structure

Principal Materials Used:


Aluminum Plate, Paint, Granite, Aluminum Extrusion, Glass, flat-rolled steel



Design Director

Meng Yan, Zhu Jialin

Architecture Design

Zheng Ying, Huang Zhiyi, Yao Xiaowei | Zuo Lei, Liu Xiaoqiang, Yie Peijun, Li Da, Shen Yandan, Ji Yuyu, Zhang Zhen, Liu Liu, Liu Zirong, Xia Miao, Yuan Yi, Guo Donghai

Landscape Design

Xing Guo, Wei Zhijiao | Ding Yu, Cedric Yu, Li Jing, Huang Yihong, Liao Zhixiong


Interior Design

Horizontal Interior Design Shenzhen Co., Ltd.

Façade Design

Shenzhen Fangda Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.


China Merchants Real Estate Co. Ltd.

(LDI) Structure/ MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)

The Architectural Design & Research Institute of Guangdong Province, Branch of Shenzhen.

Façade Contractor

Shenzhen Yueyuan Decoration Engineering co., Ltd.

Construction Cost

RMB¥ 310 Million

Design Period




Site Area


Floor Area



Wu Qiwei

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